Silk & Wool Blend Baby-body, Long-sleeved

Silk & Wool Blend Baby-body, Long-sleeved


"I love merino wool and I spend almost 100£ to buy from Cambridge baby merino bodies. They are a fantastic soft material. And I was very excited because I have only used so far organic cotton. Unfortunately almost all of my merino bodies got ruined in the washing machine (30 Degrees wool cycle with special wool detergent also brought from Cambridge baby) I bought the bodies with the best intention: I will ALWAYS hand wash !!! So that's what I did the first time. I bought lanolin creme. But the bodies got stained from the wool fat so I thought its best to wash them in the machine. They all shrunk and changed. Although it's great material kids get sick,play in the mud,eat blueberry and so on, My daughter is 14 months and she had diarrhea because of teething. The bodies got stained but you can only wash them on max.40Degrees. I was so sad to see everything getting ruined. My mum said: "if you have children you need clothes which are properly washable" and although I would love to buy everything in Merino wool I have to say she is right. Merino is great for Newborn and small babies as they don't get dirty as much as walking and weening children."

This was washed... Got ruined in 30 Degree wool cycle with wool detergent

This was worn by... My 14 months old daughter

I wouldn't really recommend this to a friend.

Sawi, LONDON 01/06/2014

"I am so sorry that you have not been happy with your Merino wool baby bodies. It is true that they can not be washed at such high temperatures as cotton clothes and so they may over time become stained, but rather than machine-washing them, I would recommend using a stain remover, although even then it may not be possible to remove all stains. However the benefits of wool I feel out weigh the downside of some staining over time. You may be interested to know that we do stock machine-washable Merino wool (in fact, Engel, the wool specialists who made this piece) have just brought out a new range. We've also found that the wool/silk blend washes more reliably than the soft, natural, organic Merino wool on its own which does need to be treated with more care."

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