Warm Fleeced Wool Trousers for 2-4 Year Old Children

Warm Fleeced Wool Trousers for 2-4 Year Old Children


"I bought these in dark purple for my 3year old daughter and they have been perfect! Much softer and cosier than I expected and super flexible. Nice wide gentle waist band. On very slender children it might be too generous but for my chubby girl they are just right. I like the elastic cuffs. My daughter has just started to be interested (read fussy) about clothing, but she loves these soft pants. The dark purple colour is quite neutral, we use under dresses and they go with anything. Pleased at how gentle and flexible these trousers are. Most shop bought trousers pinch her waist. She wears these most days on our dog walks and keeps warm and dry. I've washed the legs twice by hand after especially muddy days and they are as good as ever. Back here today to buy another couple of pairs for the rest of winter and hoping the pink and blue are not tonight (although my dd will likely prefer it if they are!)."

This was washed... washed fine

This was worn by... My Taller (and chubbier) than average 3 year old daughter

I'd recommend this to a friend.

C.A. 22/11/2015

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