Beautiful Hand-Knitted Style Wool Socks for Children

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Beautiful Hand-Knitted Style Wool Socks for Children

by Grodo

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Ooooooh, we so love these gorgeous organic wool socks! In a hand-knitted style, they'll keep your children's feet healthy and warm. Quite a thick knit for padding around the house and for inside boots, and, with hand-stitched toes, these organic wool socks are seamless inside for optimal comfort. Really lovely and a great gift.
  • 100% Demeter quality organic wool
  • warm and cosy
  • soft even when felted
  • Tip: if you shrink them, you can reshape them when wet
They make a really lovely present! Sizing Please note that at the bottom on the labels for Grodo's socks and tights indicates from left to right:
  • The number on the left - e.g.: 12625 - is the model number.
  • The middle number - e.g.: 1-2 - is the manufacturer's order of sizes; 0 being the smallest size that Grodo produces up to 12 for the biggest size they produce.
  • The number on the right - 19-22 - is the European size.
Please note that the middle number is NOT a shoe/foot size, it is just an easier for Grodo's staff (and us too) to pick the items. Make sure to check the right hand side of the label if you want to check the size of an item we have sent you.
EU 19-20 (UK 3-4) (£9.99)
EU 21-22 (UK 5) (£9.99)
EU 23-24 (UK 6-7) (£9.99)
EU 25-26 (UK 8) (£10.99)
EU 27-28 (UK 9-10) (£10.99)
EU 29-30 (UK 11-12) (£10.99)
EU 31-32 (UK 13) (£11.99)
EU 33-34 (UK 1-2) (£11.99)
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