Children\'s Thick Camel Hair & Cotton Socks

Starting at: £8.20

Product ID: S-2295

Children's Thick Camel Hair & Cotton Socks

by Hirsch Natur

Soft, like cashmere, the camel hair harvested from the soft undercoats of camels is a highly prized natural fibre. With properties similar to sheep's wool which keep feet healthy, camel hair (or camel wool) is also lightweight and lustrous.
  • 80% luxury camel hair blended with 20% organic cotton for durability
  • breathable and lightweight, healthy for the feet
0-5m, EU 15-17 (UK 1-2) (£8.20)
6-12m, EU 18-20 (UK 2-4) (£9.20)
12-18m, EU 21-22 (UK 5) (£9.70)
18-36m, EU 23-24 (UK 6-7) (£10.20)

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