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Soft Wool Tights

by Hirsch Natur

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Gorgeous, super-soft pure wool tights available in natural and navy. Warm and breathable to keep little legs warm and skin healthy, we've chosen these because of their soft knit and flexibility.
  • 100% super soft, non-itchy wool
  • naturally stretchy
  • easy to put on and take off
Great softness for newborns all the way up to 9 year-olds! Sizing The smaller sizes are designed to cover your baby's tummy, right up to the chest. They are long in the body for this reason, and don't finish at the hip but above the tummy!
After customer feedback we have updated our sizing. Sizing is now translated from the German labelling as follows:
  • 56-62 -- 0-6m (will be too big for newborns but should fit from around 2m onwards)
  • 68-74 -- 6-12m
  • 80-86 -- 12-24m
  • 92cm -- 2-3 years
  • 98cm -- 3-4 years
  • 104cm -- 4-5 years
If your child wears cloth nappies, please size up.
Children come in all shapes and sizes. Please let us know if this sizing works for your child.
0-6m (56-62cm) (£13.00)
6-12m (68-74cm) (£13.00)
12-24m (80-86cm) (£13.00)
2-3yrs (92cm) (£13.00)
3-4 yrs (98cm) (£14.00)
4-5yrs (104cm) (£15.00)
5-6yrs (110cm) (£15.00)
6-7yrs (116cm) (£16.00)
7-8yrs (122cm) (£16.00)
8-9yrs (128cm) (£16.00)

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