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Disana's Amazing Boiled Wool Overalls / Snugglesuit

Disana's amazing boiled wool snugglesuit is the best all-in-one outerwear for your baby when you are looking for warmth, durability and breathability. And with this season's new improved design it is even more comfortable - we are very impressed. Here is exactly why this item is what you need.
  • NEW! the more shapely hood makes it even more comfy and snuggly round the face keeping the head even warmer easily going over bonnets when crawling in the snow.
  • NEW! The hood and neck are now lined with fine organic cotton to ensure nothing itches in these sensitive areas.
  • As usual, Disana's ultra-soft, boiled Merino wool is warm, light and breathable, and
  • the air woven into the fulled wool regulates temperature and humidity like no other fabric.
And there is more...

The high lanoline content in this natural product envelops every single fibre, making this Disana overall almost waterproof. Added to this the roll-ups on the arms and legs help this last and make it a great fit. Last but the good quality finish, the lovely tagua nut buttons, the feel of the fabric just combine to make this a truly delicious snugglesuit that just complements the gorgeousness of your baby.


  • crawling in the snow,
  • exploring Autumn leaves,
  • smiling in the pram,
  • walking in the mud,
  • laughing in the rain,
  • digging in the garden (photo courtesy of Sharon Southwell, illustrating the self-cleaning properties of even white wool!).

Washing: This will not need washing that much as wool is naturally dirt-resistant. Brush down if muddy. When needed, hand-wash or use a hand-wash wool cycle at 30C and a liquid detergent for wool.

Ethically made by family company Disana in Germany.

0-3m (50/56) (£64.00)
3-6m (62/68) (£68.00)
6-12m (74/80) (£73.00)
12-24m (86/92) (£78.00)

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