Baby blog – 11 Month Update

I’m writing this a little early because of Christmas so technically Molly isn’t 11 months old for another week yet but it’s close enough, eh? I can’t believe that she’s almost a year old already. Where, oh where has that time gone? 

Pointing - This is one of my favourite new skills that she has learnt. I love how she can now point at things that she wants or where she wants to go. And I’m actually amazed that she can point to things that we ask about. How on Earth does she know what things are called at this wee age? 

Laughing - She’ll have a full on proper giggle about things now and it’s absolutely adorable. Not to mention side splitting. It’s too funny.

Tantrums - She’s discovered her temper. She knows exactly what she wants and when she doesn’t get it she certainly shows us how upset she is about it. I thought temper tantrums were saved for the terrible twos!?

Bravery - She’s becoming a lot braver and will venture a lot further away from me now when we’re at our baby groups. She always has to keep checking I’m still around but she’ll quite happily crawl over to the toys and other babies by herself and sometimes doesn’t even want to come back to me. 

She’s still not saying proper words or looking like she’s taking steps any time soon but that’s okay. She’s developing in her own time and I already think she’s a genius for her age anyway. I’m happy with where she is right now. It’s a lovely age but I do see her becoming a lot more of a toddler now rather than a baby which is a little sad. I’m very excited to have our first Christmas together with her at this age - I think it’s going to be great. 

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