They grow so fast

My, oh, my, don’t babies grow fast?

She’s such a person now. I know she’s always been a person, obviously, but she has a little personality now. She has proper facial expressions and she interacts. I’m astounded by how much she can do at such a young age. I thought babies just ate, slept and pooped until they could crawl. How wrong I was. (Do I say that a lot? Clearly all my preconceptions about babies and motherhood were amazingly accurate.)

It all seemed to happen in a week, the week she turned 3 months old actually. She suddenly just became able to do things. She actually plays with toys now and it’s so lovely to just sit and watch her while she’s ‘busy’. She’s fascinated by her hands and her feet. Her hands must be the tastiest things because they’re never out of her mouth. As I write this she’s sat holding my finger and just staring at it. She’s so cute.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not all lovely. She’s also crying more than she used to, harder to settle and incredibly clingy towards me (and only me), but, her cute little smiles and noises, and getting to watch her sleep on the monitor while I eat my dinner (with two hands!) makes it all worth it.

I honestly can’t believe how quickly it’s gone. She’s 15 weeks old now. I’ll be honest, I lost count. Does that make me a bad mum? I don’t know, but, when somebody asked me how old she was yesterday I really had to work it out and was genuinely surprised by the answer. 15 weeks since she was the tiny baby in the hospital. That’s insane. I can’t even remember her as a tiny newborn which is so sad. Maybe because it all passes by in such a blur, and I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep, the memories just don’t seem as vivid as the pictures we have. Thank god for cameras.

We haven’t fully decided if we would like to have another child yet, but, if we did I will definitely be savouring every moment because it’s not until you experience it that you realise they’re really not small for very long. The phrase ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ has never been more fitting.

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