7 month update!

So much has changed in the last month. Molly is becoming more like a little person now and less like that little baby that I brought home from the hospital. I started writing this blog a week ago but much of what I had written was no longer applicable. Things really are changing that quickly. I’m going to keep it simple because I fear that what I write now will also be changing again soon. 


  • She’s finally in 6-9 month clothes! I know I can write this one with confidence. I’m 99% sure she will not be going to shrink back down into 3-6 month size. I’m only 99% sure because it seems I can never be 100% sure of anything that involves Molly. 
  • She stays awake for longer periods now. It’s lovely now she can go a lot longer between naps without getting grumpy and tired. We can do a lot more with her now, and sometimes this means that she sleeps for longer than 30 minutes during the day too!
  • She’s sitting independently now. It’s not very often she falls over, and more often than not when she does fall, its from her own doing. She thinks it’s hilarious to fling herself backwards so we always have to make sure she’s sat with a couple of cushions behind her. 
  • She has little conversations with us. There are no words involved but she speaks in the gaps, just like a normal conversation goes. 
  • She has 3 meals a day now. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a lot more effort but since doing this we’ve found it easier to settle into a routine. Breakfast, nap, play, lunch, nap, bottle, play, dinner, bath, bed. Simples! (In theory). 
  • She copies things now. It’s so cute. A few times she has said ‘uh oh’ after I have said it to her. She definitely waved at everybody during our last baby sensory session, butI have yet to get her to do it in front of her daddy.
  • She puts her arms up now when she knows she’s going to be picked up. This one is so simple and yet it’s my favourite thing that she does now. 

It’s lovely to watch her growing up and developing and learning new things. I’m really excited for everything that's to come, especially when she starts moving around. I get sad sometimes when I think about how fast time has gone, and how I’ll never see her at those ages again, but that’s what number 2 is for, eh Sam?

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