Baby blog – 8 month update

This past month has been packed full of changes and new skills. I'm astounded by the amount of things she has learned in such a short amount of time. We now think we're raising a genius - obviously. It's not all been good though. I think we've hit another sleep regression. Afternoon naps and her 6pm  bedtime are now becoming a thing of the past. She's just having so much fun practising her new skills that she doesn't want to sleep. Please send help...and coffee.


Here's what Molly has learned in the last month:

  1. She's learnt to wave - Molly can wave back when we wave to her and when we say hello. I did tell you I'm raising a genius.

  2. She's learnt to clap - This is fast becoming one of her favourite things to do. Just another thing to add to the genius list.

  3. She's learnt to dance - She has a little bop now whenever she hears a good piece of music. She just sits there and bounces happily. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

  4. She's learnt to climb - She still can't crawl yet but if she's sat next to something she will do her best to clamber and pull herself up. It's incredibly exciting to see her trying to stand but also...slow down please!

  5. She's learnt to say 'dada' - kind of. Sam is convinced she knows that he is 'dada' but I'm not so sure. She definitely does say the word 'dada' a lot more now but it's often mixed with lots of 'dadadadada's' and 'nanananana's'. Either way, she's definitely starting to get more vocal now so I'm sure it won't be long until she's talking back to us.

  6. She's learnt to throw - Her dummy has been launched from her pushchair now and I've had food thrown at me on more than one occasion. This is a skill that I'm less thrilled about her learning.

She's learned so much in the past month. She's gaining so much more personality and it's amazing to see her slowly transform into this little person. I can't help but wonder what she will be like when she's older now. The possibilities are endless. For now though, I'd just like to get through the next month. Just maybe a quieter one this time please.

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