Simple midsummer celebrations and children’s crafts

Midsummer flowers in white and green - time to celebrate the summer with your children!

Midsummer isn't just one day, it's that glorious couple of weeks at the end of June/beginning of July when the whole earth just seems to blossom in white and green and gold. How wonderful and natural to want to celebrate!

We had a midsummer picnic at the weekend and it was so lovely, fun and full of happiness that I wanted to share the simple things we did.   It can be adapted for almost any time of year too.

Midsummer Sun Foods - Ideas for Celebrating Midsummer with Children

  • Choose a place - woodland, a field, a park - we chose our small garden for simplicity.
  • Invite one or two other families you love.

Midsummer celebrations - hair braiding with flowers

  • Chose a clothes code.  Ours was white, yellow or green to reflect midsummer flowers.  Children have fun with this and adults too - oversized tops or dresses can be looped with a scarf to make Greek gods or pirates.  This is Zeus below with the Daisy Queen.

Midsummer Yellow - Ideas for Celebrating Midsummer with Children

  • Find foods that are yellow, orange or red to celebrate the sun.  Our whole family loved putting these together and making sun shapes on plates, and finding round loaves of bread or fruit.

Midsummer Foods - Ideas for Celebrating Midsummer with Children from Cambridge Baby

arranging food into sun shapes on the plate

Round and yellow - a midsummer lemon cake

anything round is also good - this was our round, yellow cake

  • Pick a couple of craft ideas from the suggestions below if you like... We made a sun mosaic beforehand and the older children braided the hair of the younger ones.

Midsummer Sun Mosaic - Craft Ideas for Celebrating Midsummer with Children

making a summer sun mosaic from old card and magazines

making a summer sun mosaic from old card and magazines - finished!the finished sun mosaic!

You can probably tell that I'm not a naturally crafty mother and if you're not either, the great thing is it doesn't matter.  It's all about being together, doing things together and loving it, isn't it - and you can see this mosaic sun is loved!

I've enjoyed the many other ways of celebrating midsummer shared by others interested in natural parenting and connecting with the seasons.  Here are couple of them from our Pinterest boards.   Enjoy!

Helen x


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Weave a wonderful sun - see

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