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Meet Wendy from the Cambridge Baby Team

Posted Thursday, September 6th, 2012 by Helen East in who we are

Wendy's In the Pink!

Wendy's favourite mornings at Cambridge Baby is when she's picking and packing pink clothes! Her love of pink is clear to see as she turns up for her Cambridge Baby mornings on her bike with pink coat and helmet, ready for action!

Her love of colour ties in with her own natural well-being business which she's enjoying growing - take a look at her website,

Wendy is a joy to have on the team, being very good natured and positive.  As well as preparing orders she delights in keeping the boxes of Cambridge Baby clothes clearly labelled, for quick and accurate picking. When the need arises she is also on hand to answer phone queries, answer e-mails,  process returns, and unpack incoming deliveries.

Music to Your Ears

She sometimes entertains the rest of the Cambridge Baby team with whistling renditions of the latest orchestra pieces she is rehearsing. She plays the cello in the Cambridge Graduate Orchestra, who give concerts four times a year at the renowned West Road Concert Hall. A few weeks ago they performed The Planets by Holst to a sold out audience as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

Another highlight of her week is running a local Brownie Pack for girls aged 7-10 years. The girls love the games, action songs, and all the new skills and crafts they do. A few weeks ago they made some great owls out of fir cones that made it to the Cambridge Baby desk to be admired!

If you're local to Cambridge and your girl would like to join Brownies, phone Wendy on 01223 515470.

Her Other Side

When she’s not at Cambridge Baby she’s helping people who are overwhelmed by stress, depression, or fatigue, with the natural wellbeing business she is growing.  Her clients are often extremely grateful for the support she offers, which can  include herbal supplement recomendations, dietary recommendations, and chakra and meridian balancing treatments.

She also loves helping people become truly alive using a fabulous colour system that combines the energies of colour, plant extracts and crystals. If your looking for something to quench your spiritual thirst then this could be for you. Help more of your 'true colours' shine through with solution treatments.

To find out more visit - it's Wendy's website, and you'll see it's a little pink.

Meet Agnès from the Cambridge Baby Team

Posted Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 by Wendy Peck in who we are

Being Part of the Team

Agnès loves being part of the team here at Cambridge Baby. She works with Rosy and Wendy in the Good Natured shed and is pictured here in her favourite Engel top sold here at Cambridge Baby.

Before working at Cambridge Baby Agnès never expected to work in retail.What attracted her to Cambridge Baby was the care that is put into the clothes that we sell (see her blog post The Little Touches). What makes her job so worthwhile is her passion for high quality, ethical, and eco-friendly clothes that have the comfort and practicality of the wearer in mind.

Her Cambridge Baby Roles

Agnès loves the variety of her roles in the Good Natured shed.

  • When receiving your Cambridge Baby clothes it is likely to have either been picked or packed by her....
  • When you phone up with a query you may be helped by her...
  • And when you found Cambridge Baby on the first page of google Agnès's computer skills helped it get there.
  • Her passion and talent for implementing effective procedures for incoming deliveries are specially appreciated by the rest of the team.

She is also the lucky person who gets to share customer quotes with the world. It makes her day receiving lovely comments from people like you who really appreciate the difference these natural fibre clothes make to the comfort and happiness of their little ones and themselves. In her own words “Feel free to keep sending them in!”

French Teacher Extraordinaire!

After leaving the Good Natured Shed at lunchtime she zips around Cambridge giving French lessons to children and adults alike, both in person and over Skype. Her enthusiasm for helping others enjoy the French Language is infectious. For more info see her ‘French For All’ website, where you can also discover more about her French Translation services.