Baby’s first cold

This blog is a short one. And here’s why…

This week has been rough. Somehow we all managed to get a cold. One of those bad ones. Sore throat, blocked nose, headache, earache...the lot. Me and Sam started feeling ill last weekend. I was first with a sore throat on the Saturday, not expecting it to turn into anything else, but, the next day Sam was well and truly ill. I caught up with him the day after.

We thought Molly had managed to avoid it. Until Tuesday night. Poor baby was hard to get to sleep that night, which is unusual for her, and her cough developed through the night so we didn’t get much sleep. So by Wednesday we were all ill. That day was not fun. Poor baby Molly had developed such a cough that she managed to bring up all her breakfast feed. All over me. First clothes change of the day. I hate seeing her throw up. She did it again two more times that day because of the cough. We got through soooooo many clothes that by about 2pm I gave up and put on my pyjamas. The day before she’d had a number of explosive poops, not sure if that’s related to the cold or not, so in those 2 days we made a full washing machine load. I’d been puked on, sneezed on, peed on and pooped on but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Being a mum is still amazing even when you’re up to your elbows in poop and snot.

We’re coming out of the other side now, thank goodness. Me and Sam are starting to feel better. Molly, still has a cough and is a bit congested, but, at least she isn’t being sick anymore. And she still manages to give us a smile through her coughs and sneezes.

That’s another milestone checked off the list. First cold

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