Disana’s secrets of success

TheDisana organic Merino wool dungarees and jumper News is in, and it is official...  the best seller this Autumn/Winter season has been the Merino Wool Trousers or Leggings by Disana. Disana is one of our all-round top brands - so what are they doing right, and what makes them so special? Disana began 25 years ago - in a garage.  When they started their company, Dieter and Imma Sautter combined their initials D and I with the word Sana, which is the name of the ancient goddess of health and healing – very apt for Disana's natural ethos. Disana now supply shops around the world with organic wool baby and children's clothes and is still growing steadily, carrying with them this vision of health and healing through clothing.

Secrets of success

Disana are committed to high quality, natural raw materials and specialise in organic Merino wool.  They are a founding member of the International Association of Natural Textiles (IVN) and are proud of its guidelines for natural textile production; these are recognised as the most comprehensive, strictest guidelines in the world. In fact, Disana was one of the very first companies to have most of its clothing certified by IVN as BEST, indicating organic textiles of the highest ecological quality.  Its range is also GOTS certified as organic too at a time when organic wool is still hard to come by.

Fairly made and traded

DisanaDisana's commitment to high standards includes fairness throughout the supply chain and their excellent craftsmanship shows throughout their organic clothing range. The fabrics used in Disana’s wool clothing are produced either at their premises or within a 100km radius in long-term partner factories, ensuring good working conditions and making for good relationships and excellent quality control.  This is Herr Heinz Munz in the workshop, who is very proud to be in our blog 🙂 And as you can probably guess, everything that goes into each piece of clothing is is subject to strict regulations, from the sewing thread and buttons to even the lubricating oil in the knitting machines - everything must be environmentally friendly.

Designed for little ones

Disana Boiled Wool Fabric

Each Disana piece is designed to keep a little one comfortable and healthy, which makes Disana stand out from the crowd when it comes to design.   For them it's all about the baby, the baby's comfort, health, freedom to wriggle, crawl or walk. Disana's clothes allow the skin to breathe and the body to relax, and parents to know that their little one is being looked after by real living wool.

So, thank you to Disana for providing us with the choice of natural, healthy and sustainable clothing.  We at Cambridge Baby and Good Natured Clothing love what you do, you're totally in accord with our ethics and we are proud to carry your organic wool clothes.   ♥ ---------------------------------- Win a £20 Gift Voucher!  Comment on this or any of our blog posts in March, and we'll randomly select a winner on 1st April.  Share or link to a blog post for bonus entries! ---------------------------------

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3 Responses to “Disana’s secrets of success”

  1. Daggi says:

    I love Disana, their quality is outstanding and so far all three of my daughters could wear the same clothes – they have stayed beautiful despite the heavy use. The only thing that drives me insane is the (relatively) TINY buttons and GIGANTIC button-holes!!! So far I had to replace buttons and stich up button-holes in all our dungarees, sleeping bags and knitted jackets… I’m sure it is possible to improve on this, Disana? Please?!

  2. Helen East says:

    Hi Daggi,

    Following your comment, we mentioned this again to Disana, who have taken this on board. They have recently made some changes to improve things, and say:

    “I can understand your customer and I have to check this. We have had this problem in the past, but since we use new button-holes-machines we haven’t had any more complaints. But I will check and if there is a need to make the button-holes smaller we will do so.”


  3. Daggi says:

    Hi Helen,

    that’s wonderful, I am glad that they have improved this recently! It is fantastic to see a company that truly listens to their customers! Mind you, even having to change buttons never stopped me from buying Disana products – they are brilliant, fantastic quality look beautiful on my girls!

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